Many of us recognize that there is much more to life than what we experience on the material level of living. We understand both intuitively, and through our own direct experiences, that simply trying to satisfy the urges of our mind and bodily senses is not fulfilling for us. It is not deeply meaningful, nor does it bring us the real and lasting happiness that we long for in our heart of hearts. Thus, we turn to spiritual life to find what we are seeking.

When we want to understand the truth of our spiritual nature, it is important to look to the bonafide scriptures of the world. These ancient scriptures contain timeless wisdom that can help us rediscover our eternal nature and inherent relationship with the Supreme Person.

Within the yoga scriptures , it is explained that we are eternal spiritual beings, currently covered by layers of material energy, like a set of clothes. The mind or subtle energy body is like an under layer of clothes. The gross physical body is like an outer layer of clothes. Just as we are not the shirt, pants, and undergarments we are currently wearing, we are not these “clothes” either. However, if we have no real information about our true nature as spiritual beings, it is easy for us to fall into the misunderstanding that we are these temporary material coverings .

If we erroneously conclude that we are the mind and body, then our entire existence becomes focused on taking care of these “clothes.” Thinking we are them, we will look for happiness and fulfillment in terms of our mind and body. We will constantly be striving for satisfaction through feeding the mind and body with various material objects, such as pleasurable thoughts or ideas, things to stimulate the senses, and so on. However, no matter how nicely or extravagantly or diligently we do this, we will remain empty within the core of our being – always anxious searching for the vital something that is missing from our lives and hearts. Material experiences do not actually touch us. They can feed the mind and body, but do absolutely nothing to nourish us, the spiritual self.

This is why our repeated attempts at material gratification are never successful. We may get the external object or situation that we strive for, but it does not result in the permanent inner fullness that we seek.

As we are spiritual beings, real satisfaction comes to us only through consciously relating with our spiritual Source. As the great spiritual teacher Jagad Guru Chris Butler  says when we direct our longing for happiness , meaning, purpose, shelter, love toward the temporary objects and relationships of this world, we are endlessly frustrated. But when we direct this longing toward our inner relationship with the Supreme Person, we find complete and utter fulfillment. Fortunately, in the scriptures, we are given clear instructions on how to revive and deepen our relationship with our eternal Friend.

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The eight part series on the wisdom of yoga explains the spiritual nature of the self, the eight-fold astanga yoga system and how the process of yoga builds a foundation for spiritual realization.

The Science of Identity Foundation just released an eight part video series entitled “The Wisdom of Yoga”. This enlightening series is available for free viewing on Hosted by Acharya das, student of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, the series consists of eight segments:

  • The Purpose of the Yoga System
  • Yoga View of the Self
  • Exploring Life Itself
  • In Search of Happiness
  • Looking for Love
  • Real Spirituality
  • The Astanga Yoga System
  • The Spiritual Potency of Mantra

While millions of people around the world are practicing hatha yoga asanas, few realize the potency of the other limbs of the yoga system, which give deep insight into living a truly harmonious, spiritually-centered life. This video series touches on the deeper aspects of yoga, such as understanding our spiritual nature, the eight limbs of the astanga yoga system, self-realization, the role of a yoga master and how to control the mind.

Ancient yoga texts, such as the revered Bhagavat Purana (compiled over 5000 years ago), provide the foundation of knowledge for understanding the yoga system as a holistic way of life and spiritual path, versus solely practicing hatha yoga asanas. Many people don’t realize that yoga asanas in the yoga system are a precursor to yoga meditation; the ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve self-realization.

Self-realization through yoga means understanding the true, eternal nature of the self and acting on that reality — in a way that brings great harmony and happiness to every aspect of our lives. Through the wisdom of yoga, we experience true inner peace and insight, allowing us to find greater love and joy in our relationships, harmony with the environment and a real purpose for life.

Confusion, doubt, anxiety and hopelessness are all symptoms of the lack of true knowledge. Many social problems we face are rooted in a lack of understanding of our true essence and the ultimate purpose for our existence. The wisdom of yoga teaches us how we can, in our daily lives, find practical ways to see through the enlightening lens of yoga and act in a way that is in harmony with our true nature – spiritual in essence.

Acharya das, instructor of “The Wisdom of Yoga” series, explains, “I was very fortunate to come into contact with the teachings of yoga under the guidance of Siddhaswarupanada Paramahamsa. This transcendental knowledge has been passed down by the great rsis and sages for thousands of years; yet the true wisdom of yoga is exceedingly rare in today’s world.”

Now this knowledge can easily be accessed through your own personal computer, sponsored by the Science of Identity Foundation.You can watch the whole Wisdom of Yoga series here.

The Science of Identity Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps people around the world achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Many research studies claim to state that we are our physical bodies, which are made up of complex chemical arrangements. So in short we are matter in essence. And this is being taught in many science books in schools and universities. So we are brought up being taught that we are the physical body, i am an American or Mexican and so on. So from that knowledge springs the concept of happiness, that if we satisfy our bodies then we will be truly happy and satisfied. We all know that this is not the reality, since no amount of material endeavors and achievements are not really satisfying to us. It gives some temporary superficial pleasure and before we know it, its gone and we still feel empty and not satisfied within.

The real proof of this is the current situation of the western civilization. The western countries are very rich in material resources and wealth, they have all things materially required. Yet the rate of crime, depression, rape, murder, drug problems, suicide is on an all time high. So how come , the people of the rich countries are so dissatisfied, whereas from the so called scientific conclusion, they should be happy and satisfied within? So what is the truth? Are we really our physical bodies?

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