Biography of Wai Lana:

Wai Lana is an expert of many trades – she is everything anyone dreamed of. She is a yoga icon, author, songwriter, TV show producer and director. She has hosted various yoga shows on TV that have aired internationally on different continents including the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Additionally, the beautiful and charming Wai Lana designs flower garlands and colorful clothes she wears during production.

Wai Lana’s Age, Place of Birth, Personal Life:

Born in the year of 1955 in Hong Kong (China), Wai Lana is not only a beautiful and charming yoga teacher, but she is also a mother of three, grandmother of six, songwriter, author, and a genuine advocate for helping people from all walks of life attain inner peace and well-being. Wai Lana (63 years old) currently lives in the beautiful state of Hawaii in United States of America.

More than that, the serene and softhearted Wai Lana is a genuine advocate of her audience’s well-being and inner peace. At least that’s what she is identified for. She is considered a favorite by people of all ages, and from all walks of life.  Having produced and hosted television series of yoga instruction, we cannot refute that the grandmother of six has played an essential role in helping popularize yoga globally. With all her music and meditation albums, training materials, yoga DVDs, kids’ yoga products, a line of yoga gear and a range of snacks, Wai Lana is, without a doubt, a world-renowned yoga teacher. This is what has earned her international recognition.

Wai Lana’s Accomplishments

Having taught yoga for nearly four decades, Wai Lana is not without great achievements. Her TV Series “Wai Lana Yoga” has aired nationwide for close to two decades now, becoming the longest-running fitness series on national television. The series has helped a huge number of yoga enthusiasts from all walks of life to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In 2016, her effort was recognized nationwide- Wai Lana was honored with India’s Prestigious Padma Shri Award for her extraordinary accomplishments in spreading yoga’s mainstream popularity through her books, television series, and music videos.

Some of her other music videos include;

  1. “Namaste” – This video has one of yoga’s greatest lessons – humility and respect for all. Having been produced to celebrate the first ever International Yoga Day, the music video has not only become favorite among online viewers but earned Wai Lana countless praises. One viewer quoted “This video is visually lovely where so many people of the different country brought together to perform. Don’t know how to describe this video; it’s been a long time that we have watched a video of its kind. I got relaxed for 5 minutes thank you, Wai Lana, & a big NAMASTE to you!”


  1. Colors – a music video that aims to remove the racial and social divides. The message resonates well with different people worldwide, regardless of skin color. A yoga enthusiast commented- “.. No one picks the fight… If your shirt is green or cream… Incredible message… Thanks for this wonderful video. The title itself is very significant. Meaningful creativity at its best on the Day of International Day of Yoga…”


  1. Alive Forever is another short film and music video with a great message that reverberates well with virtually everyone. It emphasizes being more an eternal spiritual being than a physical body or mind. Thousands of viewers appreciate the impact this music video has on them “I had tears in my eyes from the first minute of this video! This video is full of happiness. Thank You very much, Wai Lana”


Books Authored:

Wai Lana has released many books for Kids. Now kids can have hours of wholesome fun coloring and playing with their friends! They’ll also improve their problem-solving skills; it will foster creativity and artistic ability, sharpen memory and concentration, nurture their attraction to health and fitness. Wai Lana has also compiled an 85-recipe Juice book named “Wai Lana’s FAVORITE JUICES”. These mouth-watering juices help to lose weight, reduce stress, eliminate toxins, improve your digestion. She has also authored – Wai Lana’s Favorite Soups, Wai Lana’s Little Yogis™ Coloring Book, Wai Lana’s Little Yogis™ Daydream Coloring Book and a few more.


“Oh My Sweet Lord” – A Personal and Intimate Prayer

Yoga is a holistic intimate package for happy living. Combined with music therapy, yoga can have a significant role in promoting self-confidence, enhancing interpersonal communication and promoting individual well-being. Anyone who has an interest in yoga and enjoys singing or listening to music will tell you the effectiveness of integrating the two. That is what Wai Lana does– make ancient art of yoga easy and effective by incorporating various therapies. One such music therapy is “Oh My Sweet Lord” that she initially wrote as a personal intermediate prayer but has now embellished into a powerful music video.

In this powerful video, the yoga teacher welcomes her audience to her inner world – her heart of hearts. She introduces ancient yoga through personal, intimate prayer. Her way of teaching yoga wisdom in this song aims to inspire and empower people to experience and create inner peace in their lives, regardless of age, faith, ability level or individual circumstances.

Oh My Sweet Lord’s Message

Judging by the first few seconds, you might get tempted to dismiss the music video not knowing that you will soon get sandwiched between the most meditative audio and centering images. Better put, hear a celebration of Divine music within. As soon as the prayer starts, you get amazed by an acoustic guitar driven song with deep, whisper vocals that set you on a Divine journey. Simple relaxing sounds (birds chirping) cultivate a serene and a peaceful atmosphere engulfs your mind. As soon as the video begins, you are treated to an amazing beauty of love overloaded. She is seated outdoor on what seems like a patio overlooking a beautiful flower garden; this creates a calm and peaceful image in your mind to help you recharge. As the song goes by, you quickly forget you are watching a music video and become completely immersed in a profoundly restful state.

Regardless, of religion or faith, this captivating music video makes you connect with the Supreme soul, whose all-loving and all-attractive nature is universal.  At some point, she slows down the tempo and drops the key to give this one-of-a-kind rendition more gravitas. As the video transitions from an ocean sunset, to moonlit forests, darkness and then to dramatic daybreak, her longing for her Lord intensifies. She sprinkles in mantras about her Sweet Lord while at the same time adding some distant Indian flair.  This quickly drives you to the perspective of an individual wanting to connect with the Divine deeply.


Connect with Wai Lana

Meditation is a word that most are familiar with these days, but many people have surprisingly different ideas about what exactly meditation is, as well as its goals. Here I share with you my list of eight common misconceptions about meditation.

  1. I can’t sit in lotus posture/a.k.a I have a bad or tight back, knee, etc.

Guess what: my knees and hips aren’t as pliable as they were 10 years ago, and I almost never sit in lotus posture. While meditating, I may lay down, sit in a comfy chair, stand up and dance, walk or even float in the ocean.

  1. It’s all about being quiet

While many people do practice meditation this way, this can actually be called a pre-meditation technique. There are many simple and enjoyable ways to practice meditation with musical instruments, singing or with beads.

  1. It’s only for hippies

If you think you’ll need to stop shaving and eat granola every day to practice meditation, you’re wrong. Yoga meditation programs have been introduced, studied and become an integral part of many company’s employee benefits. Research has shown that reaction times, accuracy and memory improved for executives that practiced yoga meditation in one study, compared to those who engaged in aerobic exercise or did nothing.

  1. It’s against my religion

Meditation does not contradict any teachings of the Judeo-Christian Bible. It’s simply about slowing down, tuning in, becoming more relaxed and more self-aware and connecting to our source, the Supreme Soul or God.

Yoga and mediation practice

  1. I can’t be still enough to meditate.

Great news! There’re other ways to meditate. And through practicing these more active forms of meditation, you will find your mind and body are more able to focus and go within in a calm, yet energized way. I often practice meditation in a group, chanting mantras in unison. The effect is very powerful and certainly not quiet.

  1. Binge watching online will give me the same relaxation as meditation.

Uhhh, well…not true. Meditation is not the same as escapism, where the problems of your life return after the escape. Binge watching can be considered a type of meditation – in that your mind and energy are absorbed in the flickering light that projects subject matter onto your screen – (and then gets forever recorded into your mind). However,  rather than producing inner peace end greater self-reliance, you may find yourself more fearful, agitated and depressed after a  binge session as you’ve internalized the angst, the striving and the materialism largely showcased in these platforms.

  1. Wasn’t that over in the 70’s?

A recent report found that over 18 million Americans practice variety of meditation, including over 200,000 children, or 8 % of the total population.

  1. I don’t have time to meditate

Meditation can take up to as little as 5-20 minutes of your day. It’s up to you. Surely you have that much time to spare. And the increased clarity and groundedness that meditation gives will make the rest of your day more productive. Meditation is especially effective at sunrise and sunset, or the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. I like to meditate in bed before I go to sleep. This practically ensures sweet dreams.

So what’s your excuse/ start slowly and build up if you find you like it.

Thank You! Namaste

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In depth review of Wai Lana’s Easy Meditation For Everyone Kit

I am glad to share my wonderful experience from the Wai Lana’s Easy Meditation kit for everyone. I love this Meditation kit and I would say anyone gets this will be glad to have it. I like this DVD Series starting from the packaging, design to the content of it. Practicing this meditation with Wai Lana gives immense pleasure and restfulness to the heart.

Creative Packaging:

I liked the packaging of this product very much. It’s done in a nice creative way; there is a ribbon to open the covering, which makes it more stylish. The beautiful color, picture of Wai Lana and the description about different methods in the cover page makes it more attractive.  The cover is so strong that the DVDS, booklet and the beads inside it are totally protected and safe. I ordered this Meditation Kit from abroad and received as it is just because of the sturdy packaging. Read More →

Many of us recognize that there is much more to life than what we experience on the material level of living. We understand both intuitively, and through our own direct experiences, that simply trying to satisfy the urges of our mind and bodily senses is not fulfilling for us. It is not deeply meaningful, nor does it bring us the real and lasting happiness that we long for in our heart of hearts. Thus, we turn to spiritual life to find what we are seeking.

When we want to understand the truth of our spiritual nature, it is important to look to the bonafide scriptures of the world. These ancient scriptures contain timeless wisdom that can help us rediscover our eternal nature and inherent relationship with the Supreme Person. Read More →

The eight part series on the wisdom of yoga explains the spiritual nature of the self, the eight-fold astanga yoga system and how the process of yoga builds a foundation for spiritual realization.

The Science of Identity Foundation just released an eight part video series entitled “The Wisdom of Yoga”. This enlightening series is available for free viewing on

  • The Purpose of the Yoga System
  • Yoga View of the Self
  • Exploring Life Itself
  • In Search of Happiness
  • Looking for Love
  • Real Spirituality
  • The Astanga Yoga System
  • The Spiritual Potency of Mantra

While millions of people around the world are practicing hatha yoga asanas, few realize the potency of the other limbs of the yoga system, which give deep insight into living a truly harmonious, spiritually-centered life. This video series touches on the deeper aspects of yoga, such as understanding our spiritual nature, the eight limbs of the astanga yoga system, self-realization, the role of a yoga master and how to control the mind.

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Many research studies claim to state that we are our physical bodies, which are made up of complex chemical arrangements. So in short we are matter in essence. And this is being taught in many science books in schools and universities. So we are brought up being taught that we are the physical body, i am an American or Mexican and so on. So from that knowledge springs the concept of happiness, that if we satisfy our bodies then we will be truly happy and satisfied. We all know that this is not the reality, since no amount of material endeavors and achievements are not really satisfying to us. It gives some temporary superficial pleasure and before we know it, its gone and we still feel empty and not satisfied within.

The real proof of this is the current situation of the western civilization. The western countries are very rich in material resources and wealth, they have all things materially required. Yet the rate of crime, depression, rape, murder, drug problems, suicide is on an all time high. So how come , the people of the rich countries are so dissatisfied, whereas from the so called scientific conclusion, they should be happy and satisfied within? So what is the truth? Are we really our physical bodies?

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