Many research studies claim to state that we are our physical bodies, which are made up of complex chemical arrangements. So in short we are matter in essence. And this is being taught in many science books in schools and universities. So we are brought up being taught that we are the physical body, i am an American or Mexican and so on. So from that knowledge springs the concept of happiness, that if we satisfy our bodies then we will be truly happy and satisfied. We all know that this is not the reality, since no amount of material endeavors and achievements are not really satisfying to us. It gives some temporary superficial pleasure and before we know it, its gone and we still feel empty and not satisfied within.

The real proof of this is the current situation of the western civilization. The western countries are very rich in material resources and wealth, they have all things materially required. Yet the rate of crime, depression, rape, murder, drug problems, suicide is on an all time high. So how come , the people of the rich countries are so dissatisfied, whereas from the so called scientific conclusion, they should be happy and satisfied within? So what is the truth? Are we really our physical bodies?

A recent scientific study proved that the material composition making up our physical bodies change rapidly everyday. So the mass of matter making up our whole body is renewed rapidly. the speed is so high that our entire brain matter is renewed every few days!! If we were our physical bodies, then how come we remember incidents years down the line, but our brain matter is completely renewed every week??

Just blindly saying we are the body does not help, since lot of questions are not answered if we assume we are the body? If we are the body, then what is the explanation for out of the body experiences which commonly occur frequently, where people really experience that they are out of their bodies. There has been numerous cases where people have left their bodies for some time and then come back again to regain consciousness. How does the theory that we are the body answer this one ? There are no answers.

If we are just our physical bodies, then why can’t just fixing it brings it back to life. If we are matter like an automobile, then if something goes wrong with it, then when fixed it should be back to normal again. But it is not like that? why? In fact most of the time the physical body almost has no problem but still the body is declared dead? The argument that we are the body does not answer any of this real questions. So we should NOT blindly accept the theory that we are complex physical bodies made up of chemical elements. It is an illogical theory, with many caveats in it, and it does not even answer the most basic questions.

We will share more information about our real essence in the next post. Stay tuned. thank you

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